Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a critical eye, Benjamin originates from the coffee shop region of Brisbane, Australia.  He gained an informal education in how to seek out the perfect Hungarian strudel, where to have the ideal Icelandic hot bath and how to angle the camera to boost Instagram likes.  Mr B also holds less important qualifications in Law and International Relations which serve him well when filling out customs forms and ordering foreign meals on his way around the globe.  Benjamin Frankly, sharing the secrets to authentic travel since 2017.

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Señor Benjamin prefers to travel with his personal physician which can be rather pricey.  To cut costs, Benjamin decided he would marry Dr V one day.  Suave in the extreme, this super cool technophile is always by B's side.  Dr V might be Benjamin's muse but make no mistake, this Colombian adonis is no Mrs B -  he has his own impeccable taste.